How To Insulate The Basement

It is great to have a basement in your home because it gives you the option to create your own home theater, game room, or even spare storage space. The one mistake that people make when it comes to these rooms is not building them with the proper amount of insulation. Without it the room will gather large amounts of moisture – which will turn it into a breeding ground for mold.

If this is the case with your basement then you need to take the proper steps to making sure that the whole area is insulated. With the right tools and instructions this process can be quick and easy.

  • Before you are able to begin with the process you must first examine the room and see if there is any type of moisture problems. All of the walls, ceilings, and floors that are leaking should be repaired and painted with a coat of waterproof paint. This can be found at any home improvement or hardware store and is not expensive.
  • Carefully measure the width and the length of the basement. Bring these measurements to the home improvement store and allow someone to help you determine the amount of two by fours and insulation material you will use. There are several different types of insulation materials. Try to determine which would work best in your home and which one you are able to afford.
  • The wooden two by fours or studs need to be secured to the wall using concrete nails. Try to space them between fourteen and twenty-two inches apart from each other. The measurement you use will be dependent on the width of the insulation you are using.
  • Spread the insulation material along the length of the wall. Before you do this you need to be wearing the necessary safety gloves, clothes, and face mask. Many insulation materials, like fiberglass, are made up of substances that should not be touched or breathed in.
  • To cut the insulation you should use a sharp knife or scissors. Place each piece of insulation between the studs that are nailed to the wall. The edges of it will be secured using a staple gun. Once you are finished the seams will be covered using duct tape.